Artist Statement

I would say my earlier works are a mix between autobiographical themes and playful abstractions. My main focus for my work being the conceptual content. A favorite art movement of mine has always been surrealism. Artists like MC Escher, Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte have always been great inspirations for me.

About half way through New Paltz while enrolled in my painting courses I began to focus more on my technique and the elements and principles of art and design then the subject mater of my work. This is when I began to paint flowers. I fell in love with color and the idea of layering. I became engrossed in the idea that you could take the same idea, the same image and create it in hundreds of different ways. Finding the right way was daunting yet at the same time exciting. I began experimenting with mixed media at this time as well.

In the future I see myself combining the two ideas, the concepts of surrealism and perspective and technique. I’ve gotten away from creating works for the viewer and began creating for myself. One thing I love about my early works is that I created intending to speak to an audience, my works had a message and it was up to the viewer to convey that message.

The hardest thing for an artist to do is to determine what their subject matter will be because as artists we can create anything.



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